Dialektic Productions

Kamal Symonette-Dixon's Production Company

Dialektic Productions is a production company owned by the comedian/writer Kamal Symonette-Dixon. Dialektic Productions' mission is to produce comedic projects made by Kamal Symonette-Dixon through such mediums as stage, television, and film and to publish works of fiction and non fiction written by Kamal Symonette-Dixon as well as to produce film/video, television, and live lectures pertaining to non fiction written by Kamal Symonette-Dixon.  In the past, Dialektic Productions produced original works of art created by Kamal Symonette-Dixon.  Dialektic Productions produced, through Kamal Symonette-Dixon, such notable original stage, television, and film projects as "Poems from a Melancholy Clown," "Third Rail Hobo," "KSD's Chicken & Waffles: Live at The Friars of Beverly Hills," "KSD's Chicken & Waffles: TV Pilot at CBS Studios," "Love Over Romance," and "I Love My Wife So I Will Not Cheat."