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Kamal Symonette-Dixon Comedian/Writer

Kamal Symonette-Dixon The Comedian

From his poetry, to his one man shows, to his sketch comedy, to his stage plays, to his standup comedy, Kamal Symonette-Dixon is funny.  As a professional artist, comedy has consistently been Kamal’s artistic expression of choice.  Kamal Symonette-Dixon has been making crowds laugh from his early days in the spoken word poetry scene (where he honed his comedic chops) to his more recent days in the standup comedy scene.  With biting wit, piercing satire, and hard-hitting hilarity, Kamal Symonette-Dixon has been compared to such comedic legends as Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce.  And Kamal lives up to such noteworthy comparisons.  For to witness Kamal Symonette-Dixon perform his comedy is to witness a comedic legend in the making.

Writer of Non Fiction

A gifted thinker from birth, Kamal Symonette-Dixon eventually received his Masters Degree in Philosophy from Columbia University, where while debating with his philosophical colleagues theories advanced by the likes of Wittgenstein, Kamal expounded on his philosophical belief system he first started forming towards the end of his years in high school upon reading T.Z. Lavine's "From Socrates to Sartre: the philosophic Quest" as well as philosophical theories of his own he first conceived of while an undergraduate in college.

What an Artist

As a comedian/writer, Kamal Symonette-Dixon sure knows how to paint a picture...a funny picture...but a picture nonetheless.


Kamal Symonette-Dixon

"If you're looking for a cutting-edge, provocative, brilliant comedian to entertain your eclectic crowd, then contact Kamal Symonette-Dixon."

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"I like how he blends I can't stop laughing with I can't believe he said that."


"I'd like to give a toast to a very funny comedian.  His name is Kamal!"

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